Sustainable Fort Carson

What is this about?

The Sustainable Fort Carson Program supports the Army Sustainability Campaign Plan, the Army Strategy for the Environment: sustain the mission-Secure the Future, the IMCOM Campaign Plan, and the Fort Carson Campaign Plan.

Our vision is powered by the recognition of our obligation to ensure that our soldiers today-and the soldiers of the future-have the land, water, and air resources they need to train; a health environment in which to live; and the support of local communities and the American people.

To accomplish this vision, Fort Carson adopted long term goals for achieving a sustainable installation in 2027 with input from internal and external stakeholders. The goals are continuously reviewed for progress and resource requirements via 5-year objectives and 2-year work plans adopted by goal proponents.

Sustainable Fort Carson supports all IMCOM Campaign Plan lines of effort; improves our energy security and decreases reliance on petroleum; reduces unnecessary impacts to training lands and restores habitat; reduces environmental compliance risk; eliminates waste; enhances human health, safety and well-being; conserves water for human and ecosystem needs; imparts a sense of community through land use planning; and finally it saves money!


  • Sustain all facility and mobility systems from renewable sources and reduce total water purchased from outside sources by 75% by 2027
  • Reduce automobile dependency and provide balanced land use and transportation systems
  • Reduce installation greenhouse gases and other air pollutants to the lowest achievable emission rates.
  • Create a community that encourages social, civic and physical activity while protecting the environment.
  • All DOD and Fort Carson procurement actions support sustainability
  • Total weight of solid and hazardous waste disposed of is reduced to zero by 2027, and thereafter
  • Training ranges; maneuver lands; and associated air space capable of supporting current and future military training to standard while maintaining and sustaining training resources.

Carpool programs

Car with leaf attached to it

Share-a-Ride is a free online automatic carpool coordination to and from Post, as well as van pool options (typically for those commuting 30 or more miles to Post).

Riders are matched based upon their origination and destination points as well as days and times of travel. Users also specify whether they are offering a ride, need a ride, or if they are interested in sharing driving duties. When a "match" is found, users are notified immediately of rider options, allowing them to contact and coordinate ridesharing within minutes. Register for the Sustainable Fort Carson Rideshare.

Soldier next to sign saying give a buddy a ride

"Give a Buddy a Ride" is a voluntary program for on-Post ridesharing. Soldiers, civilians, or Family members who need a ride wait at one of the designated "Give a Buddy a Ride" signs.

Drivers willing and able to offer a ride to someone standing at the sign can make on the spot arrangements to bring to their desired destination.

As this program is entirely voluntary and at your own risk, please be prudent, and mindful of using the sites in a manner that does not impede traffic flow. Read more...