Where Fort Carson Soldiers Train to Fight and Win in Combat

Fort Carson and the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS) are inseparable training sites. Together the facilities provide training capabilities vital to creating a training complex where Mountain Post leaders and Soldiers can prepare for war in a realistic environment.

Fort Carson's PCMS provides critical maneuver lands necessary to train large units from Fort Carson and other installations. Located just 150 miles southeast of Fort Carson, the PCMS is equipped for bringing troops and supplies straight to the site via railheads and convoys. More

Army Training
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The Army has a non-negotiable contract with the American public to fight and win the nation's wars and to defend its borders. In order to carry out this responsibility in a complex operational environment, the Army must train as it fights. More

Army Strategy for the Environment

The Army Strategy for the Environment: Sustain the Mission – Secure the Future establishes a long-range vision that enables the Army to meet its mission today and into the future. Sustainability is the foundation for this Strategy and a paradigm... More