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The Fort Carson Mountain Post Warrior Memorial Ceremony 2012

The first memorial for Mountain Post Warrior Memorial Ceremony was conducted on June 10th, 2004 at Fort Carson, Colorado as a tribute to the Mountain Post Soldiers who gave their lives to protect the freedom of not only this Nation, but of all people.

To date, the names of 282 Soldiers have been engraved on the memorial and on Thursday, May 24, 2012, we will add more names of our fallen Soldiers.

As the United States Military continues to engage in overseas Contingency Operations, we are honored to continue a solemn tradition.

Each year, on the Thursday before Memorial Day, Fort Carson will honor those Soldiers who have recently been added to the Mountain Post Warrior Memorial. In addition, we will pay tribute the legacy of all Fort Carson Soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while bravely engaging in overseas Contingency Operations.

Photographic representation of the Mountain Post Global war on Terrorism Fallen Soldiers Memorial