flight Simulations

The Fort Carson Flight Simulation Facility provides realistic flight and academic training for active duty, and reserve component Aviators utilizing the UH-60A/L Flight simulator, the AH-64D Long Bow Crew Trainer (LCT), and the Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT).

  • UH-60A/L Flight Simulator

  • AH-64D Longbow Crew Trainer (LCT)

  • Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT)

  • Non Rated Crew Member Manned Module (NCM3)

  • CH-47F Transportable Flight Proficiency Simulator (TFPS)

UH-60A/L Flight Simulator


  1. FORSCOM designated regional flight training facility
  2. Support area designated by latest FORSCOM 350-1 Current area includes, CO, NM, UT, WY, MT
  3. Mandated annual use by Army regulation
  4. Current UH-60A/L cost to operate approximately $2,700 per hour vs $275 for simulator
  5. Full motion 3 axis
  6. 100% fidelity trainer
  7. Concurrency upgraded
  8. Full spectrum trainer (day ,night, night vision goggle(NVG), Instrument)
AH-64D Longbow Crew Trainer (LCT)


  1. The high-fidelity LCT can be used at home base or deployed
  2. The AH-64D Longbow attack helicopter currently costs approximately $4,100 per hour vs $200 for the LCT
  3. Enables weapon systems training. Tables 2-5 mandatory in LCT
  4. Mandated annual use by Army regulation
  5. Linkable to other LCT’s for collective training
  6. Full spectrum trainer to include day, night, night vision system (NVS), and night vision goggles (NVG)training
Aviation Combinded Arms Tactical Trainer


  1. Provides pilots multi-ship combined arms training at low cost.
  2. Allows staff integration to training with remote tactical operations center (R-TOC)
  3. Linkable to other AVCATTS as well as CCTT, and others for full spectrum combined arms collective training
  4. Trainable with a little as one pilot and up to six crew man modules
  5. Fully reconfigurable man modules in one hour
  6. Army regulation allows Commanders to authorize up to 6 hours semi-annually to be credited toward the rotary wing aviator's aircraft flying hour minimums.
  7. Concurrency upgraded to the Army fleet
  8. Fully transportable
  9. Home based at Fort Carson but IAW FORSCOM 350-1 serves a regional area to include, CO, KS, NE, SD, ND, WY

For further information on the AVCATT system go to: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/619053

Simulator image


  1. Supports AC local training requirements as well as the RC region of, CO, WY, NE, KA, ND, and SD.
  2. Capable of providing door gunnery training for the UH-60 and CH-47 platforms.
  3. Provides external load (sling load) training for UH-60 and CH-47 to include Bambi bucket.
  4. Supports rescue hoist training for Med Evac and search and rescue aircraft.
  5. Networkable for interoperability training with the AVCATT and other LVC-IA core systems.
Simulator image


  1. Mandatory minimum use simulator by type rated Army pilots.
  2. High fidelity trainer for home station use or while deployed.
  3. Full spectrum training capability to include day, night, NVG’s, and FLIR.
  4. State of the art 180 degree X 60 degree display with cutting edge graphics display.