TADSS loan & issue

property accountability

hand receipts / loan & issue

The Fort Carson Training Support Center (TSC), IAW Army Regulation 350-38, Training Devices Polices and Management, will retain positive control and execute property accountability for all Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (TADSS), fabrication services and Graphic Training Aids (GTAs) to support Army wide requirements. IAW AR 5-9, Area Support Responsibilities, the TSC provides area support for the Active Component (AC) and Reserve Component (RC) units, (U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard) College ROTC and JROTC units in the state of Colorado.

to establish a tsc hand receipt account

In order to take advantage of all the TADSS, GTAs and Loan and Issue services provided by Fort Carson, Common Level of Support (CLS) and Inter-Service Support Agreements must establish a TSC Hand Receipt Account.

Units must submit a DA FORM 1687, Notice of Delegation of Authority-Receipt of Supplies, to the Training Support Center. It is recommended that signatures cards are hand carried to the TSC building, 2010. All Military personal must submit an Assumption of Command or Appointment Orders as a Hand Receipt Holder. Civilian personnel are required to submit a memorandum to appoint them as the primary hand receipt holder for their office or section. Loan and Issue of training aids may be loaned for a period of 30 days on a temporary basis. When a change of responsible officer for the unit or organization hand receipt occurs, the responsible officer or individual must contact the Training Support Center to obtain relief from property accountability.

POC for hand receipts, turn-ins or other related subjects is the TSC Supply Clerk.

accountable officer

  • COM: (719) 526-2135 (DSN: 691)
  • FAX: (719) 526-1650 (DSN: 691)

loan & issue

  • COM: (719) 526-2308 (DSN: 691)
  • FAX: (719) 526-1650 (DSN: 691)

supply clerk

  • COM: (719) 526-6914 (DSN: 691)(719) 526-5491 (DSN: 691)
  • FAX: (706) 791-2115 (DSN: 780)


Training Support Center
6710 Specker Ave Bldg. 2010
Fort Carson, CO 80913