1st Brigade Combat Team

"Raider Brigade"

1st BCT Crest


The "Raider" Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) was constituted Nov. 19, 1917, in the Regular Army as Headquarters Troop, 4th Division. The unit participated in World War I and was involved in numerous campaigns including Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Champagne, and Lorraine.

It reorganized July 6, 1942 as Headquarters Company, 4th Division in preparation for the initial assault into Normandy. Following the end of the Second World War, the unit was inactivated on March 12, 1946 at Camp Butner, North Carolina. The Raider Brigade served in Vietnam operating in numerous operations and counteroffensives. On Oct. 15, 1995, the brigade inactivated at Fort Carson, Colorado, but was reactivated at Fort Hood, Texas on Jan. 16, 1996.

In Mar. 2003 the Raider Brigade deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. On Dec. 13, 2003, 600 Raider Brigade soldiers, along with special operations forces, launched operation Red Dawn which resulted in capturing the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

The Raider Brigade was reorganized and re-designated as the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division in 2004. The Brigade deployed again to Iraq in Jan. 2006 fulfilling their second rotation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Raider Brigade deployed for the third time in Mar. 2008, this time to the southern side of Baghdad during the peak of sectarian violence across Baghdad. After successful provincial elections in Jan. 2009, the Raider Brigade returned to Fort Hood the following March. In the summer of 2009 the Raider Brigade conducted a move from Fort Hood to Fort Carson.

In Sept. 2009, the Raider Brigade received orders to become the first Heavy Brigade Combat Team to deploy to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The Raider Brigade deployed in July 2010 and operated in two regional commands in the South and West. Combined Task Force Raider fought and trained side by side with the Afghan National Security Forces and International Security Assistance Forces partners from Herat and Farah to Kandahar and Arghandab.

The Raider Brigade deployed in Feb. of 2013 for a nine-month rotation in Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. During their deployment, they conducted security cooperation, joint exercises and training. The brigade partnered with members of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces to strengthen ties between the two nations and enhance security and stability in the region.

On March 17, 2014, the Raider brigade transferred from a heavy Armored Brigade Combat Team to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team as part of the Army's initiative to transform the force to meet the global challenges of the future.