The Mountain Post Mentorship Program (MPMP) seeks to facilitate constructive dialog, networking and meaningful professional and personal relationships within and beyond the chain of command so that every service members and government civilian is empowered to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Goals of the MPMP

  • Develop a constructive mentorship network
  • Educate leaders through problems and issues
  • Cultivate a cohesive culture



Build Teams

Become Part of the MPMP Team

  • Mentor

    Become a mentor and get added to the MPMP mentor database. As a mentor you will be added to the newsletter mailing list and get invites to participate in Mentorship & Mingle events. We ask that personnel signing up to be a mentor are staff sergeant and above for enlisted, chief warrant officer 3 and above for warrant officers, and major and above for officers.

  • Writer

    Interested in writing an article or submitting a link to an article or book you have read that you think will benefit others, then please contact the MPMP team. We will work with you to get your submission published in the monthly newsletter. All ranks and government civilians are welcome to participate.

  • Member

    MPMP needs volunteers to keep the program going. Become a committee member and assist with newsletter editing and setting up mentoring events. Attend our monthly meeting with the unit chapter to assist others with setting up their unit mentorship programs.

  • Join the Team



“The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting up to Speed Faster and Smarter” by Michael D. Watkins
“Athena Thriving: A Unit Guide to Combatting Gender Discrimination in the Army” by My Squad
“Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most” by Douglas Stone

Policy Updates

ALARACT 027/2021: There is a 12-month deferment for postpartum Soldiers to meet AR 600-9 for height/weight and body composition

MPMP Products

670-1 Pocket Guide