There have been several rental and mortgage scams affiliated with non-official housing websites near military installations including Fort Carson. Before making any arrangements or spending money please contact the Fort Carson Housing Services Office at 719-526-4388 or for more resources visit

A Fort Carson shuttle is available for new arrivals and their Family members 24/7 by calling 719-526-6961. Soldiers are authorized to use local transportation, such as ride shares or taxis, and will be reimbursed; receipts are not required for expenses under $75.

  • Reporting to Fort Carson

    COVID-19 and Quarantine Resources

    Reporting to Fort Carson
    Fort Carson is unrestricted and complying with HPCON B+ measures. The Fort Carson Replacement Center Staff Duty remains operational to receive Soldiers reporting to Fort Carson. Upon arrival, Soldiers will be appropriately screened to ensure they do not meet criteria for exposure for COVID-19. Given that Soldiers do not meet criteria, Soldiers will provide administrative documentation that includes a copy of their orders and DA 31 to complete reporting process. In regards to housing, Replacement Staff Duty will coordinate with gaining brigade to identify barracks space for single Soldiers. Soldiers with Families are encouraged to research housing options on post and off-post prior to arriving to Fort Carson. Call Replacement Staff Duty at 719-526- 6961 for more information.

    Reporting from a restricted location
    Effective Jan. 25, service members and their dependents conducting PCS to Fort Carson are no longer required to exercise a Restriction of Movement upon arrival. Quarantine procedures are still required for anyone who comes in “close contact” with a COVID positive person. Commanders at all echelons retain the authority to direct ROM on a case-by-case basis for personnel given specific conditions associated with individual travel.

    Reporting from MEPS
    Upon arrival, Soldiers will provide all necessary documentation to Replacement Center in order for process to get started. Fort Carson Replacement Center will provide MEPS documentation to MPD in order for Soldiers under MEPS status to in-process. DMPO is responsible for conducting accessions for MEPS Soldiers in order to start Soldier’s pay. Call Replacement Staff Duty at 719-526-6961 for more information.

    Please take time to familiarize yourself with the resources on the Fort Carson COVID-19 information section. The resources provided are updated as conditions change. The Ivy Replacement Center staff duty (building 1456, 719-526-6961) is also available to assist you in finding the latest guidance.

    We understand that travel during the COVID-19 pandemic can create additional hardship and appreciate your understanding. For financial hardships, contact the Fort Carson Army Emergency Relief at 719-526-4783.

  • In-Processing


    All inbound Soldiers, colonel and below, must sign in at the Replacement Center CQ, building 1456, located at 1783 Nelson Blvd., Fort Carson, Colorado, 80913.

    To ensure installation in-processing is quick, simple and convenient, all in-processing requirements are completed while the Soldier is at the Replacement Detachment.

    In-processing: Report to building 1456 and sign in with the CQ desk. Be sure that you have a copy of your DA31 and orders in hand.

    If reporting during duty hours, Soldiers must be in uniform. Soldiers are authorized to report in civilian clothes after 1500 and on weekends; however, you must be clean shaven and in accordance with AR 670-1.

    Transportation to Replacement Detachment: A Fort Carson shuttle is available from the Colorado Springs Airport for new arrivals and their Family members 24/7 by calling 719-526-6961. Soldiers are authorized to use local transportation, such as ride shares or taxis, and will be reimbursed; receipts are not required for expenses under $75. Soldiers arriving to the Denver International Airport who need directions or assistance en route should call the Replacement Detachment CQ at 719-526-6961 or 719-524-4475.

    Map of Fort Carson


    Unaccompanied (SGT and below) - Lodging will be provided at barracks building 1367.
    Accompanied Soldiers, SSG and above - Please make your own lodging arrangements.


    All in-processing personnel will complete a three-day in-processing schedule that includes finance (as part of reception) and scheduled SRP and CIF dates, as well as orientation to Family and Soldier resources on the Mountain Post.

    Required documents

    When you report to the Replacement Detachment, you must have the following documentation with you:

    • 5 copies of all assignment orders and amendments
    • 5 copies of DA Form 31 (leave form)
    • Copies of profiles (P3 and above only)
    • Medical record (If given to you by losing command)
    • Dental record (If given to you by losing command)
    • Please attempt to bring all copies on your own. We can assist with making copies if needed, by exception.

    Within 72 hours of reception all Soldiers will meet with finance for assistance with filling out travel vouchers and entitlement documents. Visit the Fort Carson Defense Military Pay Office page for more information.

    Army Community Service Newcomers Assistance - Relocation Readiness

Leaders Certification

Newcomer Briefings

Army Community Service
Building 1201

Army Wellness Center
Building 1843

Army Substance Abuse Program
Building 6236
719-526-ASAP (2727)
DUI PSA video

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
Building 1532 (The HUB)

Chaplain – Religious Support Office
Building 1118

Education Center
Building 1012

Building 1225
On-post housing 719-579-1606; Off-post housing 719-526-2322/2323
DPW Family Housing Website
Fort Carson Family Homes Website

Inspector General
Building 1668

Public Health
Building 2059
Public Health Clinic - 719-526-9929

Red Cross
Building 1675 and in Evans Army Community Hospital
Red Cross emergency message: 877-272-7337 (24/7)
Emergency message website

Building 1042
SHARP Hotline - 719-338-9654 (24/7)
DOD Safe Helpline - 877-995-5247

Located in Evans Army Community Hospital
Health Net Federal Services TRICARE West - 844-866-9378
Primary Care Manager - 719-526-2273
Nurse Advice Line - 1-800-874-2273