Fort Carson Mobilization provides services & facilities to support the mobilization,deployment & redeployment of reserve component units & Soldiers to theaters of operations in order to meet combatant commanders' requirements. Mobilization & demobilization operations are executed IAW HQDA, FORSCOM & First Army policies & procedures. Fort Carson's goal is to process Soldiers as expeditiously as possible while ensuring all regulatory requirements & needs of the Soldier are met.

  • Fort Carson uses the Soldier Readiness & Deployment Checklist, DAForm 7425, contained in DARTS SRP Checklist
  • Download the MUIC ADVON checklist for a list of documents the ADVON is required to bring with them.
  • Download information on sensitive Item Storage procedures.
  • The Army & Fort Carson provides assistance to Family Members of Soldiers coping with mobilization & deployment issues. More Information.

Reporting Info

Individual Reporting

Individuals reporting to Fort Carson for mobilization should:

  • Arrive at Fort Carson NLT the reporting date listed on their mobilization orders. Contact the 1st Mob LNO (719-524-2300) or email usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil to confirm reporting dates.
  • Provide a copy of individual orders to the 1st Mob at usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil NLT 5 days prior to arrival.
  • Ensure RRC/State Headquarters submit DARTS data using the MPDV module of RCAS NLT 3 days prior to arrival.
  • Provide a copy of flight itinerary to the 1st Mob at usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil NLT 5 days prior to arrival. Flights should be scheduled into the Colorado Springs Airport. An LNO from the 1st Mob Bde will arrange transport from the airport to Fort Carson (POVs & Rental cars are not authorized; POVs are only authorized for CONUS Support Base missions)
  • Soldiers arriving at Fort Carson other than by air travel are required to report to 1st Mob, Bldg 3450, room 225. Report during duty hours unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • All personnel, medical, and dental records must be FEDEX to:
  • USAR/ARNG Records
    7335 Womack Street
    Bldg 3450, 2nd Floor
    Fort Carson, CO 80913
    (phone number is 719-526-5104)

  • Records must arrive NLT 5 days prior to Soldier’s arrival.
  • Soldiers deploying to theater are authorized

4 duffle bags (one personal duffel bag is included in this quantity - maximum size: 25x42 or Ruck/size maximum 15x10x22) &

1 carry-on bag that meets commercial airline standards/size (24.5 length/16.5 width/11.5 depth) with a maximum weight of 50lbs.

Each duffel bag must not exceed 70 lbs. No footlockers or commercial suitcases will be accepted for movement.

Soldier’s deploying OCONUS should limit themselves to one set of conservative civilian attire & must bring a complete Army Physical Fitness uniform.

Those with excess baggage will be personally responsible for disposing of the excess baggage prior to deployment.

Unit Mailing Address

While units are at Fort Carson, mail can be sent to them using the following address:

SOLDIER'S NAME (Rank, Last, First)
UNIT (i.e., BCT-RT, MNF-I, JSTO, ANA, etc.), (arrival date)
c/o 1st Mobilization Brigade
7335 Womack St., BLDG 3450
Fort Carson, CO 80913

Unit Reporting

  • Unit Commanders should be familiar with Annex E of FORSCOM Regulation 500-3-3 (RCUCH). In addition, the items identified on the Fort Carson Mob Checklist should be provided to this installation as soon as possible (prior to the MUIC).
  • The Fort Carson DPTM Mobilization Branch will coordinate with the appropriate JFHQ/RRC to arrange a MUIC for each unit’s advance party.
  • Advance Parties should arrive with documentation outlined in the MUIC Checklist.
  • The MUIC is usually held at the Fort Carson Library conference room (Bldg 1528). Verify location and time with your JFHQ/RRC or contact the Fort Carson Mobilization Branch at 719-526-6040 or DSN 691-6040. The MUIC is for the advance party only and not the entire unit.
  • Unit Main Bodies are required to arrive at Fort Carson on the Mobilization Station Arrival Date (MBSAD) listed on their mobilization orders.
  • Units must coordinate arrival with 1st Mob (719-524-2300) usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil 1st Mob will assume ADCON of the unit upon its arrival and will coordinate all mob activities with installation agencies.
  • Units/personnel arriving by air should arrange to fly into the Colorado Springs, Colorado airport.
  • Convoys, busses, and commercial traffic should use Gate 3 to Fort Carson.
  • Government vehicles with proper ID can use any gate.
  • All other vehicles should use Gate 1.
  • Fund cite on First Army mobilization orders can be used to arrange for transport of unit/ADVON to Fort Carson.
  • For additional funding assistance, or to arrange for a MIPR, contact the Fort Carson Resource Management office at 719-526-5560 or 719-526-4386.

Status Reporting

  • USR will be due within 24-hours of Advance Party arrival (for "AA" units only, DUICs do not file a USR).
  • Please be prepared to complete a full USR
  • USR must be current as of unit arrival date.
  • POC at Fort Carson can be reached at 719-526-3882/9872.

Unit Mailing Address

While units are at Fort Carson, mail can be sent to them using the following address:

SOLDIER'S NAME (Rank, Last, First)
UNIT (i.e., BCT-RT, MNF-I, JSTO, ANA, etc.), (arrival date)
c/o 1st Mobilization Brigade
7335 Womack St., BLDG 3450
Fort Carson, CO 80913

Sample Schedule

Actual processing schedule will vary depending on the number of units processing through at the same time as well as unit training requirements.

Download a Sample Mobilization Processing Schedule


Fort Carson will receive, process and release Reserve Component units from active service at the termination of their designated call-up period or when no longer needed.

Personnel in RC units will return to the mobilization station through which they deployed unless a change in demobilization station (DMS) is approved by First Army.

Demobilization Station Request Procedures Demobilization Station Request Memo Format

When your unit is scheduled to return to Fort Carson for demobilization, please contact 1st Mob at usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil or the Mobilization Branch at 719-526-6040 (DSN 691-6040). Please provide as much advance notice as possible. Please email the following four items to usarmy.carson.imcom-central.mbx.gsd@mail.mil at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to unit/Soldier’s arrival at Fort Carson:

  • Roster of full name, rank, SSN, UIC, gender, # days of terminal leave, email address, and the end date of Soldier’s most recently issued order.
  • Individual statement of leave memo’s or DA 481’s for each Soldier signed by their commander. DO NOT send previous DA 31’s. DO NOT create a DA 31 for the Soldier’s terminal leave, as those days are based upon the date that they receive their DD 214 and REFRAD orders. The DA 31 for terminal leave will be taken care of by 1st Mob.
  • All orders, extensions and amendments pertaining to this mobilization.
  • Flight itineraries. This needs to include dates, times, and flight numbers. For CONUS-based Soldiers, when scheduling their flights, please ensure that they fly during the work week and land during regular business hours (no flights on holidays).

Soldiers should report to 1st Mob (Bldg 3450) in uniform.

Soldiers returning with more than 60 days left on their orders must have a memorandum signed by a General Officer and approved by HRC-A authorizing their REFRAD.

Any request for early REFRAD must be justified and processed through the first General Officer in the supported chain of command. Once the General Officer signature has been obtained the request will be forwarded and validated through the Theater Personnel Group (if applicable) and the appropriate force provider (e.g. FORSCOM, CONUSA, USASOC) to HRC-A for final approval. HRC-A will review all requests for early REFRAD and determine approval/disapproval/pending reassignment.

Under no circumstances will a Soldier be held past his or her unit's demobilization date without prior coordination and approval from DA. Soldiers may not be held beyond the unit demobilization date for the purposes of extending their tour of duty for mission related purposes.

Reserve Component Soldiers will be given the option of receiving pay for accrued leave, taking pre-separation leave, or any combination thereof, provided they do not exceed the mobilization period in their orders.

Demob Process DD Form 214 Finance Refrad


DARTS Redeployment Checklist will be used during the demobilization process. The Demobilization Station & Home Station will complete any portion of the checklist that wasn't completed prior to departure from theater. The JFHQ/RRC will need to return Soldier records to Fort Carson prior to arrival of the unit to support the demobilization process.

Fort Carson's intent is the return the unit/Soldier to home station within 5 days; however, medical issues may extend the processing time for some Soldiers.

Sample Demobilization Schedule

For CONUS-based Soldiers, please keep in mind the following when scheduling their demobilization. The Soldier will need 1 day of travel to Fort Carson if flying, 5 days to demobilize, 1 day of travel to home station if flying (additional days may be authorized if driving), 2 days to conduct home station demobilization activities (as scheduled by the unit’s command), plus time to take the number of days of accrued leave.

Please schedule their arrival at Fort Carson so that all of the above can be accomplished prior to the end date of their orders. For example, if the Soldier’s current orders end on 4 Feb and they have 24 days of leave to use then they should plan on arriving at Fort Carson for demobilization NLT 1 Jan. If the Soldier doesn’t allow enough time to complete the demobilization process and take leave prior to the end of their orders, they will have to cash out their remaining leave.

Upon completion of demobilization processing actions, the installation will provide each soldier with a REFRAD order, DD 214, and transportation back to the unit's home station.

Individual REFRAD dates will vary depending on how much leave each soldier has accumulated and whether or not they choose to sell or use it.

The REFRAD order is the order used in arranging transportation back to home station.


Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP)

201 Files, Medical & Dental records must be sent to Fort Carson NLT unit’s MUIC. They can be sent with the unit’s advance party or FEDEX to the following address:

USAR/NG Records
7335 Womack Street
Bldg 3450, 2nd Floor
Fort Carson, CO 80913-4314

Phone number for Mob Record Section is 719-526-5104. Original records will be returned to JFHQ/RRC once unit deploys

Logistical Processing

In an effort to provide better assistance to mobilizing units we need to obtain the following information prior to units arriving at Fort Carson.

  1. Commander’s Critical MEEL or MTOE Shortages - Please identify all commanders’ critical MEEL/MTOE shortages, regardless of ERC, that can not be filled within the JFHQ or RRC. We will use this information to begin working on getting these items filled. Provide the information to DOL Supply at (719) 524-1757.
  2. CTA Shortages - Please identify all CTA shortages, such as tents, cots, field desks, etc, that can not be filled within the JFHQ or RRC. We will use this information to begin working on getting these items for the units. Please identify all shortages to DOL-Supply at the phone number above. Please ensure that units deploy with their required CTA items.
  3. Automation Equipment - ensure units deploy with required automation equipment. Units require automation equipment both at the mobilization station and once deployed. Units are required to deploy with authorized STAMIS systems (ULLS-G, ULLS-S4, SARRS, SAMS). Units should do a mission analysis to determine the need for classified hard drives for laptops. If such a requirement exists, it is recommended that the unit arrive at the Mobilization Station with the extra hard drives for their laptops. Remember to take into consideration the storage requirements for classified items.
  4. Unit Basic Loads -
    • Class II - please ensure units deploy to the mobilization station with a 15 DOS of office supplies, chem. Lights, padlocks, etc.
    • Class III (p) - please ensure units with MTOE rolling stock deploy to the mobilization station with a 15 DOS of package products. Also provide Maintenance at (719) 526-9104 with the units Class III (p) list.
    • Class IX - identify vehicle density to Maintenance, phone number is above, so that we may assist the unit with any Class IX issues. Units should contact Maintenance for guidance on Combat PLLS.
  5. Containers - Please identify the number of deployable 20 foot containers the unit will need to deploy OCONUS to (719) 524-0316 or (719) 524-3887.
  6. JSLIST and IPE requirements - Alerted units can order JSLIST and IPE items from the AEPS site at http://aeps.ria.army.mil. They should get an AEPS password established and then follow the instructions provided for sizing of JSLIST.. It is imperative that units follow the instructions on the AEPS site regarding sizing for the JSLIST. Failure to do so will result in Soldiers receiving the wrong size JSLIST and the item needing to be re-ordered.
  7. ACUs – Soldiers deploying OCONUS will receive four sets of OCIE issued ACU. It is imperative that units identify the following information: ACU shirt and trouser sizes, boot size, field jacket size and hat size. Provide the information to Supply and Services Division, DOL. Copy furnish the information to the Logistics Management Division, DOL.
  8. OCIE - All Soldiers need to arrive at Fort Carson with the OCIE identified in the DA Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG) as the minimum required for RC soldiers arriving at the MOB station. The RRC and JFHQ should cross level within their command. If the shortages are still not available, submit at shortage list to the Supply & Services Division, with a copy furnished to the Logistics Management Division.
  9. Contact the following for more information:
    Logistics Management Division – 719-526-9041
    Supply & Services Division – 719-526-9086

  10. Clothing Bag Items. It is the commander’s responsibility to ensure all Soldiers deploy with clothing bag items. These items will not be issued at the mob station. Clothing bag items can be sustained through Army Direct Ordering (ADO) during deployment only. Once the unit is set-up, Soldiers (Enlisted and Officers) place order by size via AKO link thru DLA E-Commerce to Kentucky Logistics Operations Center (KYLOC) web site https://army.kyloc.com.

Equipment can be shipped to the following address:
Fort Carson Transportation Office
Central Receiving Point
4885 Chiles Ave, Bldg 330 (Mark for unit)
Fort Carson, CO 80913-4093


In order to provide mobilized Reserve Component (RC) units with the maximum Boots-on-ground (BOG) time in theater, many of the traditional post-mobilization training tasks and SRP readiness requirements will need to be completed during the pre-mobilization phases.

The RC chain of command will document and certify all pre-mobilization training and readiness requirements IAW the First Army Commanders Training Tool (CTT). The CTT is located at https://1anet.first.army.mil/commandertrainingtool (requires AKO login).

The following tasks should be completed prior to arrival at the mob station.

  • Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP)
  • Medical/Dental Screening and Treatment
  • Army Warrior Tasks (AWT)
  • Individual Weapons Qualification
  • Drivers Training
  • Individual Soldier Qualification (OBC, DMOSQ, ASI/SQI/SI and Professional Military Education)
  • Mission Critical Functional Training (all schools and training as required by the FORSCOM/CFLCC Training Guidance; EWO, HAZMAT, UMO, SAVA, AT Level 2, Foreign Disclosure, TSE Search, Personnel Recovery, EOR/EOA, 68W PDT, SARC, Mail Handler, Armorer, Contracting Officer Rep, STAMIS Operators)
  • Combat Life Saver Certification (CLS)
  • Mandatory Briefings
  • Crew Served Weapons Qualification
  • New Equipment Training (NET), Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS); logistics systems
  • Personnel manning as required by the URF, MTOE, or DMD
  • Equipment fills as required by the MTOE formula, MEEL, SRC, or approved Authorization Sourcing Document
  • Equipment PMCS and Technical Inspection (documented with DA 5988-e)
  • Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) and Army issue ACU(s) when PM can support
  • Issue of all OCIE and Protective Clothing and Individual Equipment (PCIE)

Upon arrival at the mobilization station, deploying units will process into active duty status, complete any personnel actions and training tasks not completed pre-mob, and begin Theater Immersion Collective Training.

Post-mobilization training is conducted and certified by DIV East/West and their subordinate BDE(s) (except for SOF and ARSTRAT units).

CONUS Support Base (CSB) units will process into active duty status, complete any personnel actions and receive mobilization-specific briefings.

Family Support

The Army offers several avenues for service members and their families to find information, education and assistance in dealing with the challenges of deployments. Types of assistance include:

  • Counseling by licensed therapists for coping with the stresses of military life.
  • Crisis assistance for immediate, short-term help in a critical situation.
  • Deployment and mobilization support services.
  • Financial management education.
  • Information and referrals to services and resources in the community.
  • Outreach programs for families that are isolated, new to the military or geographically separated.
  • Life skills education in parenting, stress management and other issues.
  • Family advocacy programs aimed at preventing spouse and child abuse and treating victims of such abuse.

The Army Family Readiness Group (FRG) The ArmyFRG was created primarily for the Family Members and friends of Soldiers. We know that when your Soldier is far from home, there's no such thing as too much information.719-526-4590 or 1-866-804-8763. www.armyfrg.org/skins/frg/home.aspx

The Fort Carson Army Community Service Center (ACS) establishes a Family Assistance Center to ensure Family Members of deploying Soldiers are provided as much assistance as possible. ACS is located in building 1526 on Fort Carson and can be reached at the below contact information: 719-526-4590 or 1-866-804-8763.

The National Guard also sets up family assistance centers as needed to help families of all components. The Colorado National Guard Family Program website is http://www.jointservicessupport.org/fp

Other useful Family Support links include: