Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO)

Mission:The Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office (PAIO) provides strategic and management planning, coordination, integration of enterprise-wide programs and activities, and facilitation of the continuous improvement of Garrison programs and services.

PAIO serve as the Garrison commander's advisor and focal point for strategy execution, situational awareness and operational and management performance for the installation. The office oversees and integrates action plans across the garrison enterprise into one dynamic, robust strategic action plan. Serves as the Garrison lead to identify, develop, and maintain mutually beneficial coalitions with individuals and organizations in order to increase Soldier, Family and DA Civilian readiness. PAIO provides oversight in areas such as the Installation Planning Board, the Strategic Management System, Installation Status Report, Customer Management Services, Army Communities of Excellence, Community Information Exchange and Army Stationing. These programs promote strategic execution, operational awareness and continuous process improvement to ensure the services we provide exceed our customers' expectations on and off the installation.

Contact Information:
Director: (719) 526-5426
Garrison Strategic Community Liaison: (719) 524-1005

1626 Ellis Street
Fort Carson, Colorado 80913

Key Programming & Service Areas

  • Internal Audience
    • Service Culture Initiative
    • Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE)
    • Annual Command Climate Survey
    • Installation Status Report – Services (ISR-S)
    • Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP)
    • Annual Installation Planning Board (IPB)
    • Installation Information Sheet & Economic Impact Analysis
  • External Audience

Strategic Plan Lines of Effort

Workforce Environment: A force that promotes mutual respect, professional development, personal growth and teamwork while celebrating success.

Sustainable Installations: Provide facilities, city services, training lands, training ranges and simulations that support readiness.

Fort Carson Strong: Partnership’s with internal and external communities to provide the best quality products and services to the Mountain Post Team.

Protect & Serve: Provide a safe and secure environment where all Fort Carson community members feel educated, empowered, and supported.