Notice to our valued Post Shuttle patrons and potential riders:

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we tried out several courses of action in post shuttle service, goal being to move the maximum number of passengers to/from their destinations as efficiently and safely as possible. In order to continue this service within the scope of our contract and within the constraints of our funding and manpower, we ask that you read, understand and comply with the following:

The Post Shuttle is NOT a taxi service.

Call the 524-RIDE number IF:

  • You are outside of the designated service area and more than 2-3 blocks from a designated pickup point.
  • You are in the Warfighter, Butts AAF or 10th SFG(A) areas of service.
  • You have a large group of people needing movement in one lift.
  • You have questions, suggestions, complaints or need assistance in locating your nearest pickup point.

Please DO NOT call the 524-RIDE number IF:

  • You are within the designated service area and the closest pickup point is within 2-3 blocks, simply proceed to the pickup point and wait for the next shuttle, 5-15 minutes.
  • Your destination is on a different shuttle route – passengers will be transferred to the destination shuttle with no waiting time at various points and as needed.
  • You are going to a destination outside of the service area – just tell the driver upon entering the shuttle.

Post shuttle will not operate on Federal holidays or when the road conditions are “red.”

Post shuttle will operate on training holidays.

Saturday and Sunday – shuttle will rotate on the North and South routes as normal – if within the shuttle zone, proceed to the nearest pickup point. Call in service will be limited to first-come-first-served for remote areas, including Warfighter, Butts AAF and 10th SFG (A). Drivers will answer and respond to calls as received, but not during a pickup. If reaching the answering machine, please continue to call until you get through to a driver – leaving a message is not an option.

Post Shuttle hours of operation and pickup points:

Post Shuttle Routes