All Ivy Warrior Restaurants (Robert C. Stack, James R. Wolf and Warfighter) and LaRochelle Dining Facility offer 50% capacity dine-in service.

The Ivy Warrior Restaurants are located at:

  • James R. Wolf, building 1444, near Specker Avenue and Nelson Street
  • Robert C. Stack, building 2330, near Titus Boulevard and Specker Avenue
  • Warfighter, building 9439, near Wilderness and Warfighter roads
  • LaRochelle, building 7481, near Devens Street and Jedburgh Drive (Note: only serves breakfast and lunch weekdays; closed weekends and holidays)

Monthly schedules

Meal rates
Weekdays Standard Rate Discount Rate*
Breakfast $3.65 $2.70
Lunch $5.85 $4.45
Dinner $5.10 $3.85
Weekends Standard Rate Discount Rate*
Brunch $6.55 $4.95
Supper $8.00 $6.00
Holiday $9.55 $7.10

* - Discount rate applies to Family member of E-1 to E-4 service members.